DevSecOps for Authorization

1. Overview What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps refers to the strategy of development, security, and operations teams working hand-in-hand on their projects, rather than working in isolation. Each component of DevSecOps – development, security, and operations – is meant to be integrated into the processes of its fellow components. For example, in terms of security, DevOps… Continue reading DevSecOps for Authorization

Grails with Spring Security

1. Overview of Spring Security Integration with Grails Spring Security touts a number of authentication, authorization, instance-based, and various other features that make it so attractive to secure applications with. With this in mind, due to Grails use of Spring’s Inversion of Control Framework and MVC setup, developers sought to use Spring Security to secure… Continue reading Grails with Spring Security

Expression-Based Access Control

1. Overview Today, we’ll be reviewing the differences between Expression-Based Access Control (EBAC), Role Based Access Control (RBAC), and Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), with a deeper focus on EBAC. 2. What is Expression-Based Access Control? Simply put, Expression-Based Access Control is the use of expressions to write authorization. The phrase Expression-Based Access Control (EBAC)… Continue reading Expression-Based Access Control